A-24/2. Russian Ministry of Defense award medal "Major General Alexander Alexandrov" (2005)


Head to the left over the sun rays, lira at the bottom, laurel twigs

ГЕНЕРАЛ-МАЙОР АЛЕКСАНДР АЛЕКСАНДРОВ [Major-General Alexander Alexandrov]


Inscription in circle by the edge: МИНИСТЕРСТВО ОБОРОНЫ - РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ [Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation]

In center: a sheet of paper with military ammuniton behind and lira at the top and inscription: За вклад / в развитие / военной / музыки [For contribution in development of military music] 


1. The medal is awarded to the citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens for a great personal contribution to the creation and promotion of military-Patriotic music of Russia and the development of army musical culture.
2. Medal with eyelet and rings connected with pentagonal nuts, covered with silk moire ribbon width of 24 mm. From the right edge of the tape orange stripe width of 10 mm border with black stripe width of 2 mm, to the left of the white strip width of 12 mm, which is in the middle of two red stripes width of 2 mm at a distance of 4 mm from each other (in the above image the ribbon is tucked into Shoe wrong way).

Article: A-24/2
Type: Award medal
Year: 2005
Country: Russian Federation
Mint: SpezZnak mint, Moscow
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 32,0 mm

Reference: Kokarev_Salykov: Russian & Soviet musicians in Medal Art, Moscow, 2016 (A-4/2)