AURIC Georges (A-65)

15/02/1899, Lodève, France – 23/07/1983, Paris, France

French composer, one of Les Six, a group of artists informally associated with Jean Cocteau and Erik Satie. Auric's early compositions were marked by a reaction against the musical establishment and the use of referential material. He got early successes as an avant-garde composer and became associated with leftist groups and publications, including the Association des Ecrivains et des Artistes Révolutionnaires (AEAR), the Maison de la Culture, and the Fédération Musicale Populaire. He adopted four strategies to composing; first, to participate in groups with other leftist artists; second, to reach a wider audience by writing in more genres; third, to write music aimed at a younger audience; and fourth, to express his political views more directly in his music. Auric's later development as a populist composer was prefigured by many of the techniques and ideals of Les Six, especially the use of popular music and situations. He also had a distinguished career as a film composer.

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