B-4/170. All-Polish Piano Bach Competition Award medal (1985)


Half-lenght portrait 3/4 to the right

JAN SEBASTIAN BACH  1 9 8 5  PSM W GORZOWIE WLKP [Johann Sebastian Bach 1985 State musical school in Gorzow]


OGOLNOPOLSKI KONKURS PIANISTYCZNY IM. J.S.BACHA W GORZOWIE WLKP . SZKOL MUZYCZNYCH I STOPNIA [All-Polish Piano Competition named after J.S.Bach in Gorzow between musical schools of the First grade]

Boy at the piano

Article: B-4/170
Type: Award medal
Year: 1985
Country: Poland
Designer: STASINSKI Jozef (1927-2019)
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 113,5 mm