B-28/88. Commemorative medal of Hungary's Ministry of Culture "Bartok's Centenary" (1981)


Half-lenght portrait en face with glance up

BARTÓK / BÉLA / 1881 / 1945

Medalier's mark at left: VIGH T.


BARTÓK / BÉLA / SZÜLETÉSÉNEK / 100. ÉVFORDULÓJÁRA / BARTÓK / EMEKBIZOTTSÁG [In memory of Bartok Centenary. Bartok Committee]


This medal was awarded to artists and scholars in international and Hungarian music and dance for outstanding achievements. It was awarded in November 1981 in Moscow to Soviet musicians: conductors D.Kahidze, E.Mravinsky, G.Rozhdestvensky, Y.Simonov, musicologists I.Martynov, I.Nestiev, Y.Kholopov, V.Kholopova, violinist O.Kagan, composers N.Gabunia, Y.Meitus, A.Eshpai, singers E.Nesterenko, E.Obraztsova, pianist S.Richter and two organizations: the Bolshoi Theatre and Ellerhain choir (Estonia)

Article: B-28/88
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1981
Country: Hungary
Designer: VIGH Tamás (1926-2010)
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 90,0 mm
Circulation: 300

Reference: Niggl #4152