Campbell A

CAMPBELL Archie (C-5)

07/11/1914, Bulls Gap, Tennessee, USA - 29/08/1987, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

American comedian, writer, and country singer. He had several hits for RCA Victor in the 1960s. Campbell was a charter member of the cast of Hee Haw on CBS-TV from its beginning in 1969, though he also served as a head writer. He moved to Nashville to replace Rod Brasfield on the nationally syndicated Prince Albert segment of the Grand Ole Opry. Shortly after, he signed a contract with RCA Victor and one of his early singles, "Trouble in the Amen Corner" reached the 1960 country music Top 25. After an unsuccessful stint with the Starday label, Campbell returned to RCA Victor in 1966 and had three Top 30 singles: "The Men in My Little Girl's Life" (1966), "The Dark End of the Street" (1968), and "Tell It Like It Is" (1968).

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