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CONSOLO Ernesto (C-75)

15/09/1864, London, UK - 21/03/1931, Florence, Italy

Italian pianist and pedagogue. From the 1890s he actively gave concerts in Italy, in 1896 he undertook a tour of Germany and the Scandinavian countries, in 1905 he performed in Paris with the Maurice Ayo string quartet. In 1906-1909 he taught in Chicago. In 1910-1913 he worked in New York, sporadically taught at the Institute of Musical Art.  For some time he directed the piano school in Geneva, performed in a duet with Mario Corti (the violin sonata by Ildebrando Pizzetti, 1919 is dedicated to this duet) and as part of a piano trio with Arrigo Serato and Enrico Mainardi. Later, until the end of his life, he taught in Florence, where Luigi Dallapiccola became the most famous of his students.

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