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DAMROSCH Leopold (D-5)

22/10/1832, Posen (Poznan), Prussia – 15/02/1885, New York City, USA

German American orchestral conductor and composer. From 1856 he began performing as a virtuoso violinist and bandmaster in small German towns until he was invited by Liszt to the Weimar court chapel. In 1871, Damrosch was invited to New York to become the conductor of the Arion Choral Society, which soon prospered under his leadership. In 1873 he founded the choral society "Oratoria Society" in New York, and in 1878 — the orchestral "Symphony Society"; Both of these societies, thanks to Damrosh's organizational and musical talent, quickly got on their feet and began to play an outstanding role in the musical life of New York City. In addition, becoming the head of the musical newspaper, he actively promoted the direction of Wagner. Of the composer 's works , the most famous are: violin concerto D-moll, "Ruth and Noemi" — a biblical idyll for solo, choir and orchestra, "Sulamith". Father of famous conductor Walter Damrosch.

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