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DUREY Louis (D-65)

27/05/1888, Paris, France – 03/07/1979, Saint-Tropez, France

French composer of the first half of the XX century, who gained fame mainly as one of the members of the group "the French Six" or "Les Six", the oldest in age and the first to join Eric Satie. Then, in the 1930s and 1950s, he also moved forward as a prominent functionary of the French Communist Party (PCF), President of the French Folk Music Federation and secretary of the France-USSR Society. He was primarily self-taught. From the beginning, choral music was of great importance in Durey's productivity. His L'Offrande Lyrique (1914) has been called the first piece of French twelve-tone music. The first of his works to gain recognition in the music world was for a piano duet titled Carillons. At a 1918 concert this work attracted the interest of Maurice Ravel, who recommended him to his publisher.

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