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DYGACZ Adolf (D-73)

23/07/1914, Droniowice, Poland — 05/04/2004, Katowice, Poland

Polish musicologist, the specialist in the musical folklore of Silesia. He participated in the Second World War and in the partisan movement, since 1941 he was in Nazi camps in Poland. After the war, he graduated from the State Higher Music School in Katowice as a music teacher and music theorist (1951), as well as the Department of Law at the Higher School of Economics in Katowice and the Faculty of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University. In 1975 he defended his doctoral dissertation "Folk songs of the miners of the Zaglembye region", taught in Katowice and Wroclaw, since 1991 professor. In 1970-1973 he was the Vice-President of the Union of Composers of Poland. Since 1933 he has been collecting and recording folk songs in Silesia. He published 12 books and collections of materials, including "Silesian Rebel Songs of 1919-1921", "The River Odra in Polish Folk song", "Polish Folk Instruments".

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