F-65/1. Death commemorative medal (1786)


FRID.INCOMPARABLILIS - DEI GRATIA REX BORVSS.ETC. [Friedrich Incomparable by the grace of God King of Prussia etc.]

Half-lenght portrait to the left



RESTABAT - ALIUD NIHIL [Nothing else remained]

Prussian eagle in rays above, crowned vase on the pedestal, surrounded by guns, banners, weapon, pile of books with lyra at the top

CO- / DEX FRI / DE- / RI- /CIA / NUS written on the sheets of an open book

PHILO / SOPH / DE / SANS- / SOUCI written on the redestal and the vase

NATUS XXIV JAN. MDCCXII / DENATUS XVII AUGUST / MDCCLXXXVI [Born on th 24th of January 1712 - Died on the 17th of August 1786]

Article: F-65/1
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1786
Country: Prussia
Designer: HOLTZHEY Johann (1729-1808)
Metal: Silver
Diameter: 45,0 mm
Weight: 26,18 g

Est. Value: $400
Reference: Olding 753