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GOLDENWEISER Alexander (G-54)

10/03/1875, Chisinau, Bessarabian region, Russian Empire – 26/11/1961, Nikolina Gora, Moscow region, URSS

Russian Soviet pianist, teacher, composer and public figure. Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (1895, piano class by P.A. Pabst (previously studied with A.I. Ziloti); 1897, composition class by M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov). He also studied composition with A.S. Arensky and counterpoint with S.I. Taneyev. In 1906-1961 – professor, in 1922-1924 and 1939-1942 – Rector of the Moscow Conservatory. The founder of one of the largest Soviet piano schools. He actively joined the work on the restructuring of the vocational education system after the October Revolution, educated more than 200 musicians. Among them are pianists S.E. Feinberg, G.R. Ginzburg, L.I. Roizman, T.P. Nikolaeva, D.A. Bashkirov, L.N. Berman, Y.R. Ginzburg, A.L. Kaplan, L.M. Levinson, R.V. Tamarkina and other prominent performers. A. Goldenweiser's piano students were the composers S.A. Evseev, D.B. Kabalevsky, V.V. Nechaev, V.G. Fere and others. As a composer, he is the author of 3 operas ("Feast during the Plague", "Singers", "Spring Waters"), cantatas, chamber and instrumental ensembles, piano pieces, romances. Author of numerous critical articles, as well as memoirs of meetings with Leo Tolstoy "Near Tolstoy" (1922-1923). Doctor of Art History (1940), People's Artist of the USSR (1946), winner of the Stalin Prize (1947).

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